Why servicing your equipment is essential?

Author: VetTech Australia  Date Posted:11 March 2023 

We here at VetTech Australia have a strong passion for ensuring you get the best results from your equipment. With this said... ensuring your vaporisers and anaesthetic machines along with other clinic equipment is regulary serviced is crucial to maintaing a safe practice along with extending the life of your equipment. Routine – or even constant – monitoring of your equipment helps to pinpoint and correct potential issues before they ever become a problem.

Untimely breakdowns caused by underperforming equipment will have a negative impact on any clinic. Here are just a few of the issues that occur as a result of faulty equipment:

  • Unnecessary downtime

  • Expensive part replacements

  • Costly repair bills

  • Reduced productivity

Before each use, anesthetic machines with vaporisers and other components such as tubing, flow meters, valves, gaskets, scavenging system, etc. should be inspected by the user to ensure that all components are correctly set up and functioning properly without any leaks in the system.

Anaesthetic vaporisers must periodically have their calibrations verified by a professional and equipment inspected and serviced as required. 

With a trained biomedical team on hand at VetTech Australia we are able to ensure that the clinic is well-looked after with the service process. 

For any questions you may have or to book an item for service please email us at customerservice@vtaus.com.au or phone us on 1300 339 139